Tessellation Appreciation

BBC Television Centre

Thank you @katiespink1 for inviting me to a tour of the soon to be defunct BBC Television Centre at White City - which is due to close on 29th March 2013 after 53 years of broadcasting. It is to become luxury apartments.

As I wondered around the famous circular corridors, it was sad to note that the building was already half empty with any removable memorabilia such as signs and pictures evidently ripped off the walls, as employees search for mementos to remind them of a golden era of British broadcasting.

During my visit I was lucky enough to bump into telly legend Huw Edwards on his last day at White City’s BBC TV Centre, who was also talking photos of the iconic circular architecture. Every ounce the professional he confessed it was a sad day for him but was nevertheless looking forward to the new news room at Portland Place.

Fun facts [lovingly borrowed from Wikipedia]

  • Officially opened on 29 June 1960
  • It is the second oldest operating television studio in the United Kingdom after Granada Studios
  • The first programme it broadcast was First Night with David Nixon in Studio Three
  • The overall design for Television Centre, from the air, appears to be like a question mark in shape. The architect was Graham Dawbarn CBE (Norman & Dawbarn)
  • Parts of it are now a Grade II listed building and thus protected from demolition

Above are some photos of the architecture, tiles, mural and lighting both inside and outside BBC TV Centre.